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Pizza Parties

Setting up New Year Party Goals with Oven Story Pizzas

while getting people closer in the middle of the lockdown

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Oven Story


Social Media Campaign

Type of Work

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Post Production

OvenStory Pizzas is one of India’s leading, disruptive Pizza brands. Its USP is the different types of Cheese offerings; Tandoori, Chipotle, El-Classico Cheese and Peri-Peri along with its thinner and crispier crust pizzas.


It is a boisterous and buoyant pizza brand, encouraging fun conversations over sharing scrumptious pizzas with varied cheese and toppings.  

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During the COVID-19 pandemic period, unlike other categories food has been a priority. Food delivery brands were actively providing people a break from the regular home-made meals to the people confined to working from homes.

Seizing this opportunity, OvenStory Pizza catered this demand with remarkable success through effective branding and adapting to emerging trends in consumer behaviour. 

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Campaign Adaptation



The idea was to create a lot of curiosity and buzz around the Oven Story

new year's party pack in all communications across all platforms. 

For this, varied social media content was produced which either provided more

information about the offerings or some fun things that can be done with the party pack.  

This received great engagement, with people commenting and tagging their

friends or interacting with the brand to know more about the exciting offers. 



The same idea was used on YouTube to promote the campaign and the offers with provocative bumper ads and intriguing video ads giving more party feels and creating fascination around the #PizzaParties by #OvenStory

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